forcing your pets to spend time with you by closing the door

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"When I come to meet You, I’m going to come complete, as You have completed me. I’m going to come whole and I am begging to come happy."

Levi the Poet (When I Go to Meet God)

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Boldly I approach your throneBlameless now I’m running homeBy your blood I comeWelcomed as your ownInto the arms of majesty


Boldly I approach your throne
Blameless now I’m running home
By your blood I come
Welcomed as your own
Into the arms of majesty

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Zen Dog [x]


Zen Dog [x]

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I wish you knew

How it felt when I had to sit by myself in the back of the church seeing Christ loving families chatting with one another, baby girls in their puffy Easter dresses and couples rubbing each others backs. 

And as I sat there waiting for the crowd to die down so that I can avoid traffic in the parking lot, I saw you. The beautiful golden boy who makes my heart ache and swell at the same time whenever you come into my work or when we pass by each other on Sundays. I looked at you and felt it, I knew you were gonna smile at me! I knew you were gonna recognize me this time and say, “Hey!” You were gonna make this bittersweet Easter a little brighter. 

But you didn’t. You walked past me. I didn’t exist. 

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It’s Valentineees!

Awesome maddation asked if I could draw a valentines card for her and her girlfriend! It went a little overboard, though… Hope y’all like them
Have a pawsome day everyone

Oh yeah, and for you not-cat lovers, I made a dog one. 


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My heart is in my throat.

Tomorrow is Easter and it is my absolute favorite holiday. So I am missing and thinking of so many people back in CA. I wish I could spend time with my friends or even my family. Despite not being with them I considered myself blessed because even though they are far I felt lucky and very rich. The day progressed and I saw discouraging things that hurt my feelings and the emptiness I sometimes experience came back in a flood. 

I know God loves me and I have experienced His love so many times in prayer and worship. But sometimes I really want to feel tangibly loved by someone. I haven’t had a big hug in MONTHS and people have a tendency to forget about me. It’s very hard for me to express love because I feel so awkward and fear rejection from people, but I desire it so much. I want people to send me sweet texts, I want people to write things on my FB wall. I want to know if there is a single guy out there in this universe who can’t get me out of his head. 

Instead i am just constantly reminded that I am not good enough. That I am a failure and a huge disappointment as a daughter. My bank account tells me that I suck and that I will never thrive in this world. My past constantly comes up and drills into my head that I am dirty and deserved it all. I am too much baggage so no man out there is stupid enough to marry me. 

Despite all these feelings and how desperately I want this suffering to end. No matter how many times I pray for God to take me home to be with Him there is always a little piece of me that wants purpose. 

I want to be given a chance. 

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